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24th October - Ladies Day


unnamed1Ladies Day at  the XI FIP World Polo Championship saw world-class polo and fashion come together at the Sydney Polo Club for the third day of competition.   Match results and photos from the tournament are available on our website through the links below. Keep an eye on our  Facebook  Instagram  and  website  for updates throughout the programme!





The winners of the Art Exhibition presented by

Sinclair Automotive

have been announced! Today is Arts & Commerce day, where private tours of the gallery space will be run all day. 

Our first place winner of the competition is Michael Van Dam with his sculpture 'These Hands'.Michael said “words can’t describe the feeling of receiving this award in the presence of other artists and their amazing pieces the setting of the exhibition in these polo grounds is nothing short of amazing and Selina Hitches who curated the exhibition has done an incredible job to bring it all together in a way that has flawlessly complimented this event”


“Curating the WPC art exhibition has been a joy and a privilege my goal was to bring together artists from across the nation and showcase the exquisite work and persity of Auspalian artist to the world.” Selina Hitches


11:00 - Supremo Field


1. Jose Ignacio Martinez (2)
2. Jose Zegers (5)
3. Andes Vial Pieres (3)
4. Jose Miguel Pereira Riesco (4)

Total 14 Goals


1. Siddhant Sharma (3)
2. Angad Kalaan (4)
3. Dhruv Pal Godara (5)
4. HH Padmanabh Singh (2)

Total 14 Goals

14:30 - International Field


1. Josh Cork (2)
2. Satnam Dillon (5)
3. Henry Porter (2)
4. Peter Webb (5)

Total 14 Goals


1. Adam Haworth (2)
2. Guy Higginson (5)
3. Glen Sherri  (5)
4. Jonny Jones (2)

Total 14 Goals
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